Elegant Grace, 8 years old

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Sanctuary

My 31 year old mare, Rockette
Everyone needs some sort of sanctuary...a place, a thought, a song... that takes you into that space of quiet that we as humans crave.  Here is mine...

With the clang of the gate latch closing, I step into a world that I’ve known for lifetimes. As the toe of my boot kisses the well-trodden dirt before me, I am instantly nurtured by the most pleasing scent I’ve ever inhaled. It is that of horse. I bend my creaking knees into a crouch and wait. I notice there is barely a green wisp of hay left on the nearby earth as I hear the familiar melody of her voice as she approaches. Her aging legs take smaller steps these days, but she doesn’t want me to notice that. She lowers her chocolate head and makes contact with me by grazing her whiskery muzzle over my hair. My fingers reach into the coveted pocket and retrieve pieces of apple that were carefully cut into small slices that her weakening teeth can handle. Though I cover up my own gray hair, I am well aware of hers…the ones above her soulful eyes that she proudly displays because she is not as vain as I am. I breathe in her scent, and I am rejuvenated. I look beyond her small steps, her weakening teeth, and her gray hair, and all I see is love. It’s a love like no other, and it’s the way she sees me. I see our past days filled with galloping across the bean fields, of jumping over fallen trees, and hours in the woods and pastures together just being in one another’s presence. I trust her with my life, and she trusts me with hers. Her insightful spirit shows me who I am, for she is my clearest mirror. This mare, my greatest teacher and love, is my perfect sanctuary.


  1. Karen, Congratulations on your blog. I love how it brought me right into your home and heart. The love for your Rockette is touchable through your words!
    Asia Voight

  2. Karen.
    Your new blog start is something that has been a delightful new experience in imagery and emotion. I had already missed that sharing, even though the Spiritual Journaling Class only ended last night. I felt a little sad that the sharing of your masterpieces was ending, and now breaks a new and wonderful sharing that will go on and on. You'll brighten many people's lives with sharing your experiences and talent, believe me.

    I am going to be sure to tell my friends about this blog; they need to experience for themselves the wonder of your writing talents and the honest, beutifully detailed scenes that sear into one's heart.

  3. Hey Karen,
    I'm so excited that I get to continue to read your work. I love the pix of your wonderful friends. Thanks for doing this - it is a generous act for sure. After our sad parting last nite as fellow spiritual journals, a door has opened to keep reading. I still see a book in your future.... Love, cathy

  4. Very awesome! I love your writing. I can't wait to read more!

    I'm interested...what's the meaning behind "sixhundredfenceposts"?

  5. Anna - I had to come up with a name for the URL, and "This side of the fence" and everything similar was already taken. We actually have over 600 fence posts on our farm!

  6. Oh this is wonderful Karen. Thank you for taking the LEAP into the blogging world. You will feed the soul and hoofs of many.

  7. Oh, the love of a horse. You are able to capture this mystery so beautifully, so RESPECTFULLY, Karen. Thank you so much for sharing your stories this way. When I read your stories, I get greedy and want more, more more! Now I get to read them as often as I want to. :-)

  8. Wow Katie! I never knew how well my youngest sister could write! Awesome job!